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About Me

Hi! I'm Ula. I'm a freelance writer, editor and fact checker. I write about the environment and dogs mostly. 

I live in Reno, Nevada and am always on the lookout for stories in the Great Basin and Eastern Sierra. Did you know: of all US states, Nevada is the driest, has the largest wild horse population, and the only operating lithium mine? There are endless stories to tell in this state.

Since adopting my dog, I've also grown fascinated with canine behavior and learning and have written several related stories. I launched my blog, Unpacking Dogs, to publish more of my dog thoughts and share my journey of training my nervous border collie mix.

I've written for many publications, including Outside, Popular Science, Knowable, Scientific American, the BBC, and Undark. I was a frequent contributor for PopSci for more than two years and you can see all of my PopSci stories here. I've also copy edited for Climbing magazine.

I'm a graduate of the Science Communication Master's Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and hold a bachelor's degree in soil science from UC Davis. Before pursuing journalism, I wrote environmental impact reports for proposed developments in Southern California. Thanks to this background, I have a good understanding of environmental science as well as federal and California state environmental policy.

If you're looking for a savvy reporter who loves explaining both science and policy, feel free to reach out! 

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