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I'm an experienced science writer and editor. Check out examples of the work I do below.

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News and Features

My reporting is generally focused on the environment, with myriad topics within than realm: energy, policy, sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, wildfire, and more. I also increasingly cover dog behavior and learning.

I'm experienced in quick-turnaround news and explainer stories. Recently, my focus has been on longer, deeply-reported features.

"Ula was a truly wonderful contributor to PopSci for years — she consistently found gems of stories that were not getting enough attention and offered new angles on stories that were in the headlines. She was always on top of whatever was going on in the environmental news beat, and made my life easier by spotting items that deserved coverage. Her writing was clear, breaking down complex ideas into easily understood language, and she was an easy edit both in terms of the amount of work and her attitude. Ula was always lovely to work with, and I highly recommend hiring her!"—Sara Chodosh, former Associate Editor, Popular Science

Knowable: Fighting climate change means taking laughing gas seriously

May 2021

Popular Science: Electric vehicles are only one part of sustainable transit

April 2021

Scientific American: Severe Wildfires Raise the Chance for Future Monstrous Blazes

November 2020

Popular Science: Solar power got cheap. So why aren’t we using it more?

January 2021

Popular Science: A carbon-neutral burger? It’s not impossible.

October 2019

Services & Clips: Work

Content for professional and commercial clients

I'm available for writing and editing for university magazines, professional organizations, and commercial clients (note that I keep these clients and sources separate from my journalistic work). Here are a couple examples of features and service content I've provided.

"Ula's help was essential to relaunching our website. She worked across several months to write new copy and also helped edit content. In the process, she proved her ability to write effective, accurate, and lively content quickly and consistently. She also has a good editing eye, and is able to spot inconsistencies or areas where greater clarity is needed. We were happy to work with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for fresh content that informs and delights their audience." — Florina Anghel, Lotto Logic Limited

inquiry@UC Santa Cruz: A dangerous element

To better understand the mercury threat, UCSC scientists are working to learn how this mysterious element shifts between its different forms.

inChemistry magazine: What You Can Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

If you’re unsure of what to do with your bachelor’s degree in chemistry, you’re not alone.

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I enjoy working to improve the organization, style consistency, and overall flow of articles.

**I am currently looking for new editing gigs**


Copyeditor, Climbing magazine

February - November 2020

I give print articles a final read, catching typos, style errors, and trimming word counts. I also help flag inconsistencies, areas of confusion, and factual errors.

Services & Clips: Work
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