News and Features

My reporting has been generally focused on the environment, with myriad topics within than realm: energy, policy, sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, wildfire, and more. I frequently write news stories and detailed explainers on a tight deadline.

Popular Science: Prosecutions under the Clean Air and Water acts dropped in half after Trump took office

October 2020

REI Co-op Journal: Why Aren’t More Wildlife Crossings Being Built?

December 2019

Popular Science: A carbon-neutral burger? It’s not impossible.

October 2019


University and Professional

Here are a couple examples of features and service content I've provided for clients.

inquiry@UC Santa Cruz: A dangerous element

To better understand the mercury threat, UCSC scientists are working to learn how this mysterious element shifts between its different forms.

inChemistry magazine: What You Can Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry

If you’re unsure of what to do with your bachelor’s degree in chemistry, you’re not alone.



In addition to writing, I have experience editing. I enjoy working to improve the organization, style consistency, and overall flow of articles.

**I am currently looking for new editing gigs**

Copyeditor, Climbing magazine

February - November 2020

I give print articles a final read, catching typos, style errors, and trimming word counts. I also help flag inconsistencies, areas of confusion, and factual errors.


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