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Ula Chrobak

Freelance writer, editor and fact checker



Image by William Bossen
Image by CRYSTALWEED cannabis

Knowable Magazine

After long debate, economists and philosophers are reaching consensus on how to value future generations

Fit for a dog? The latest science on CBD for pets

Knowable Magazine

Though studies are still mixed, and products often inconsistent, many scientists have hope that cannabidiol can help canines and other furry patients suffering from arthritis, allergies and anxiety

Image by Erik Karits
Image by Corina Rainer

Are Microbes the Future of Recycling? It’s Complicated.


An enzyme-based recycling technology is poised to go commercial, but questions about cost and scalability linger.

Lyme and other tick-borne diseases are on the rise. But why?

Knowable Magazine

The complex interplay of ticks, their habitats and hosts — along with changes in land use and climate — may be enabling the spread of the pathogens they carry

Climate change is altering the chemistry of wine

Knowable Magazine

Warming, wildfires and unpredictable weather threaten to disrupt the delicate processes that underlie treasured wines. Researchers and producers are innovating to keep ahead.


The Science of Rockfall

Climbing magazine

That fateful day in 2008 launched a decade of collaborative work between Stock, fellow geologists, and climbers.

How to rebuild California forests, with climate in mind

Knowable magazine

After the catastrophic fires of the past decade, land managers may need to reseed vast acreages. Can they buffer against climate change in the process?

The fight to save America’s most endangered mammal

Popular Science

Black-footed ferrets could come back from near extinction, but some ranchers don’t want them on public lands.

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